Current Studies

The CHA is involved in a number of studies being carried out.   We welcome the research and evaluations that are being undertaken.

Managing Care for Older People in Community Hospitals

Professor Catherine Evans. Professor of palliative care and ageing, Kings College London

Professor Catherine Evans Kings College London

Professor Catherine Evans

To aim of the study is to develop and evaluate the feasibility of a new Symptom Psychosocial & Assessment & Communication Evaluation (SPACE) tool that intends to support the management of clinical uncertainty for older people in community hospitals.  The CHA is a partner in this study.  Dr David Seamark, our Vice President, is on the Project Board and actively supporting the study. 

Publications from the study

Tunnard, I., Yi, D., Ellis-Smith, C. et al. Preferences and priorities to manage clinical uncertainty for older people with frailty and multimorbidity: a discrete choice experiment and stakeholder consultations. BMC Geriatr 21, 553 (2021). 

The study examines patient and staff priorities to manage care for older adults with multimorbidity and frailty receiving intermediate care to support recovery at points of decline and to anticipate and plan for nearness of end of life. The authors record that: "Family act as the 'glue' to align care with patients' wishes at points of decline following a health event such as a fall."    Staff valued standardised tools to create fluency across teams about patients' priorities and performance status, such as level of frailty. Use of standardised tools was key to improve communication and continuity of care at points of transition in care setting and reduce demands on the family.'

Evans, C et. Al. (2021) Need for greater integration of palliative care in Community Hospitals

This article makes the point that to deliver high quality care requires a model of integrated care between community hospitals, geriatric care and palliative care, and a skilled workforce to manage multiple care needs across the continuum of care and into end of life. The article also gives links to CHA and to resources concerning palliative and end of life care.

Evans CJ, Potts L, Dalrymple U, Pring A, Verne J, Higginson IJ, Wei G   (2021) Characteristics and mortality rates among patients requiring intermediate care: a national cohort study using linked databases.  BMC Medicine 2021; 19(1): 48.   Study carried out on behalf of SPACE.   

The impact advanced practice has upon people living with frailty from a community hospital perspective.

Julian Kerr. Nurse Consultant, University of Portsmouth

Julian Kerr Nurse Consultant

Julian Kerr

Julian is currently undertaking a Doctorate in Nursing and Nurse Science, and his dissertation is on the impact advanced practice has upon people living with frailty from a community hospital perspective.   Jules (Julian) is a committee member of the CHA.  The CHA is supporting the study through our networks and resources.