Community Support & Leagues of Friends

The CHA recognises the value of League of Friends throughout the UK.  We are pleased to work with Leagues of Friends and help to support their vital contribution to the health and wellbeing of their communities. The CHA provides resources, news, good practice ideas etc. and we are pleased to share of this widely through our website, social media and our newsletter.  We have many inspirational stories to share on how Leagues of Friends are supporting their local community hospitals. 

We are delighted that we have a growing network of League of Friends as members of the CHA. This means that we can do more as an organisation, and these connections are invaluable.  Leagues of Friends tell us how much they value being part of the CHA network, and you can read about this in blogs below written by Dr David Pope, President of Victoria Hospital Wimborne and Jan Turnbull, past Chair of Swanage Community Hospital. 

The CHA benefits enormously from having a Director on the Board from a Friends organisation.  Richard Hallett is Vice President of the Friends of Crowborough Hospital.   The CHA will continue to support Friends of Community Hospitals, and welcome their membership, their attendance at conferences, and their participation in the wider activities of the CHA.  Leagues of Friends and the CHA  share an ambition to promote the value and contribution of our local community hospitals as widely as possible.  Do join us here


CHA Support for Community Hospitals and Community Groups

We are pleased to work with community groups such as Leagues of Friends. Do contact if you would like to talk about changes around your local hospital. We would love to hear from you.

The committee is pleased to do this on a voluntary basis.  We work with local communities to help provide evidence, resources and information as they work with the local NHS and ICBs on changes on transformations.  Our Chair has written a brilliant case for community hospitals for the BBC on the plans for Teignmouth Community Hospital here and around the issue of delayed discharges here.  Our recent Chair, Chris Humphris, offers highly invaluable support on a commission basis, for those communities who require a substantial piece of work. Do read Chris's blog below, which illustrates his approach and outcome for the community for the Insch Community Hospital.   

Going the Extra Mile for Insch Blog by Chris Humphris

Chris Humphris has been working with the local community in Insch on the future of their community hospital. He writes "I hope that I have been able to help a number of local groups over recent years. I feel passionately that the NHS should not simply write off the beds in a small Community hospital. Instead, they should always seek to work with the local community to come up with the best possible arrangements for the future. In this way they can tap into the passion, enthusiasm and downright creative thinking and skills to produce something positive. These days, we need it!"  To read Chris' blog in full, please download here


Benefits of Joining CHA

Leagues of Friends have shared some of the benefits of being members of the CHA:

League of Friends Role and Contribution

Leagues of Friends play an invaluable role in supporting their local community hospitals.  To read about these download here



We have compiled a selection of videos made to give an insight to the work of community hospitals. Please send us your examples as well. This is a great way to promote community hospitals, and improve the understanding of what they have to offer.

Victoria Hospital Wimborne

Abingdon Community Hospital

Alton community hospital

West Berks Community Hospital

Rye Hospital (5 videos)

Witney Hospital – Walking on Sunshine



The Vital Role of Leagues of Friends in supporting Community Hospitals

Dr David Pope, President, League of Friends of Victoria Hospital Wimborne talks about the difference the community support has made to their community hospital.  To read the blog download here To read more about Wimborne Hospital and the role of the League of Friends see their website here 


Jan Turnbull, the Chair of Friends of Swanage Community Hospital, Dorset shares her reflections.   To read the blog download here  Visit the website here


Please email us with any news on your League of Friends that you would like to share.