Community Hospital Resource Packs

Members have told us that it would be helpful to have information packs that are tailored specifically to community hospitals. We develop these Resource Packs following our online discussions with CHA & Q SIG members, drawing on our Innovation and Best Practice award winners and sharing learning from our Case Studies from our Q Exchange COVID-19 study.  We have also included national links and resources. 



Resource Pack#1  Staff Health and Wellbeing

We have developed the Resource Pack on Staff Health and Wellbeing to include case studies, local resources, national resources, tools and publications.   Thank you to Anna Burhouse, Director of Quality Development and Annaluisa Wood Matron of Alnwick and Berwick Community hospitals, for presenting their case study and leading a Q SIG discussion on staff health and wellbeing and also helping with the Resource Pack.       We are delighted to have positive feedback on the value of this Resource Pack."Thank you so much for producing this really helpful resource for staff wellbeing which I shall also share on the Staff wellbeing SIG as well as Nurturing and weaving networks. Appreciation to all involved."   Hilda Campbell MBE CEO COPE Scotland ResourceWe hope you find it helpful!  Download here 

Resource Pack #2 Integrated Care 

We have developed a Resource Pack on Integrated Care, as a key feature that emerged from our study on the role of community hospitals during COVID-19.  Discussions with staff led to the creation of a pack which includes case studies as well as national and international resources. Download here

Resource Pack #3 Leadership

We have developed a Resource Pack on Leadership, reflecting how this has changed and developed during and beyond COVID-19.  We have included case studies and resources relevant to community hospitals.  Download here 

Resource Pack #4 Safer Staffing

We have developed a Resource Pack on Safer Staffing as a resource for staff working in community hospitals. Thank you to Helen Hughes, Chief Executive of Patient Safety Learning and Professor Alison Leary Chair of Healthcare and Workforce Modelling at London South Bank University and Director of the International Community Nursing Observatory (ICNO) for their contributions through their presentations and discussions at our Q Community Hospital Special Interest Group. We have included links to national resources, as well as learning from CHA case studies.  Please download here


 If you have topics you would like for future Resource Packs, then please email as at