Plenary Speakers

Thursday 10th October 


Dame Gill Morgan

Gill has served as the independent chair of the One Gloucestershire Integrated Care System since 2019. She brings a wealth of leadership experience from various senior roles within the NHS and the third sector. Her previous positions include Chair of the Alzheimer’s Society and Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation. Additionally, she has held the role of Permanent Secretary in the Welsh Government. More recently, from 2014 to 2019, Gill chaired NHS Providers.

Gill attended University College London Medical School and holds several honours and professional qualifications. Her training spans public health, general practice, and hospital medicine.

We are delighted Gill will be joining us at the CHA National Conference in October and look forward to welcoming her then. 

Read more about Dame Gill Morgan here




Dr. David Seamark, CHA Vice President & Director 

David is the Vice President and a Director of the Community Hospitals Association (CHA), having been involved with the CHA since beginning his general practice career in Honiton, Devon, in 1990. Throughout his career, David has worked extensively in community hospitals and visited numerous hospitals across the UK. Alongside his clinical practice, he has pursued a parallel research career, with a significant focus on end-of-life care in the community, particularly the role of community hospitals in providing end-of-life and palliative care. He has collaborated with Birmingham University on a study examining the role and community importance of these hospitals. Although retired as a GP partner, David continues to work as a locum and actively pursues his research interests.

Read more about the Birmingham University study here and other research papers here 


Dawn Allen, Service Director for Community Hospitals & Urgent Care,  Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust     

Dawn Allen has extensive experience of leading complex change, service redesign, and transformation. She has developed integration for community nursing and urgent care services and has a strong background in patient safety, professional practice, and assurance approaches. Additionally, Dawn is an ILM executive coach and mentor. Dawn manages six community hospitals across the Gloucestershire area and we very much look forward to hearing about their innovative approaches under Dawn's leadership.

Read more about community hospitals in Gloucestershire here  


Friday 11th October - Morning Plenary Speakers 


Roy Lilley –CHA Patron & The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff


Roy Lilley has a wealth of experience, having chaired major boards, hospitals, health authorities, voluntary organisations, and charities. As a policy advisor and visiting fellow at Imperial College London, Roy helped establish the Health Services Management School at Nottingham University and was a founding member of the Federation of NHS Trusts, now known as the NHS Confederation.

In local government, Roy served as a councillor for over 20 years, chaired major committees, and was both the leader of the Council and Mayor of Surrey Heath Borough Council. He founded the Academy of Fabulous Stuff, a free repository of best practices in the NHS, and developed the Fab-O-Meter to measure organisational morale in real-time. His eLetter, reaching 300,000 health and care managers, has been a significant influence for over a decade.

Roy visits over 20 NHS establishments annually and travels globally to discuss healthcare, management, and policy, being thrice voted the top speaker on NHS topics. He is passionate about healthcare and dedicated to working with professionals who enhance our health and safety. We very much look forward to welcoming our patron and supporter to our conference in October. 


Dr Christine Burt, Director of Research and Innovation,     Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust                          

Dr. Christine Burt is the Director of Research and Innovation at Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. She has a strong background in community healthcare and research, including her role in the Community Connexions programme, which focuses on addressing health inequalities in Birmingham. Dr. Burt has also collaborated on various studies and projects aimed at improving healthcare delivery and patient engagement. She holds a PhD and has extensive experience in both academic and practical aspects of healthcare research and management​. 

Read about Community Connexions here and a recently published report on health inequalities by Aston University, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC), and Citizens UK. 



Friday 11th October - Afternoon Plenary Speakers

Dr. Helen Tucker, CHA President and Special Interest Group Co-Convenor

Dr. Helen Tucker is the President of the Community Hospitals Association (CHA). She has dedicated over 30 years to promoting the role and significance of community hospitals in the UK.  She has visited and worked with over half of all community hospitals in the country, focusing on their management, consultancy, development, and research.

Academically, Dr. Tucker is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester and has collaborated with the Universities of Birmingham and Leeds on studies related to community hospitals. Her PhD from the University of Warwick concentrated on integrated care within these hospitals. She has also contributed as a reviewer for several academic journals and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Integrated Care.

Dr. Tucker is passionate about promoting good practice and quality improvement in community hospitals, as demonstrated through her involvement in coordinating a vast array of Special Interest Group online discussion talks. 



Tarnia Mason, Community and Collaborative Change Manager, Q Community   

Tarnia Mason is the Community and Collaborative Change Manager at Q, an initiative connecting individuals with improvement expertise across the UK and Ireland. In her role, she focuses on bringing people and organisations together to tackle complex challenges in health and care. Tarnia is involved in managing the Q Exchange, a participatory funding programme aimed at supporting ideas to enhance the interface between different sectors of the health and care system. 

The Community Hospitals Association is delighted to have Q as a supporter of our national conference event this year. Read more about Q and Special Interest Groups here