Volunteers take a break at Tewkesbury Community Hospital                
Volunteer Befriending Post Discharge  

Community Hospital Volunteers

Many Community Hospitals have volunteers who enhance patient care and the patients' experience whilst either an inpatient or outpatient. The extra support that volunteers provide is essential to the successful running of many services provided in community hospitals.


Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers may be recruited through:

Volunteering opportunity are very varied and can range from administrative support to direct patient contact such as ward, outpatient clinics, day care activities, or as simple as giving time and friendship.


Benefits to volunteers

Benefits for volunteers can include:

  • Personal achievement, satisfaction and increased confidence
  • Increase in knowledge and experience
  • Community involvement
  • Feeling of being valued
  • Contributing to other peoples wellbeing.

There are many examples of excellent volunteer projects in community hospitals throughout the country with some being recognised by the Community Hospitals Innovations and Best Practice Awards.