Role and Function


The Community Hospitals Association: 

  • Promoting the role and contribution of Community Hospitals
  • Supporting national and international research
  • Maintaining a database of Community Hospitals in the UK
  • Holding conferences and workshops 
  • Distributing a regular newsletter 
  • Networking with members
  • Showcasing innovation and good practice in our annual programme
  • Providing support from our volunteer committee



CHA Schedule of Meetings

CHA Meetings 2021


CHA Q Study Meetings

CHA Committee Meeting & Q Project Board








Wednesday 3rd March

Wednesday 10th March


Wednesday 7th April

Wednesday 14th April


Wednesday 5th May

Wednesday 12th May


Wednesday 2nd June

Wednesday 9th June


Wednesday 7th July

Wednesday 14th July


Wednesday 4th August

Wednesday 11th aug


Wednesday 1st September

Wednesday 8th Sept


Wednesday 6th October

Wednesday 13th Oct


Wednesday 3rd November

Wednesday 10th Nov




CHA Functions



We refer to this as CHANT - Community hospitals acting nationally together. By networking we support communities and individuals to have a voice.


Quality Improvement

We refer to this as CHAMP - Community Hospitals Association improving practice.  By promoting quality improvement, we support a community of practice, and promote innovation and best practice through our annual programme of awards. We hold regular conferences and workshops to share ideas and learn about new models of care and new ways of working.


Knowledge Exchange

We refer to this as CHARM - Community Hospitals Association research and media. Through our knowledge exchange, we support research and evaluation, and undertake to disseminate information and evidence on community hospitals. 



The CHA values its partnerships with organisations such as academic institutions, think tanks, benchmarking organisations, and those concerned with the patient and community voice.