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NHS Benchmarking Network Community Hospitals Project 2019 


The NHS Benchmarking Network Conference on Community Services and Community Hospitals was held on 7th November 2019.  It was a highly informative and successful conference, with a great opportunity for networking and sharing. It was a good mix of case studies, survey results and policy.   


The result of the 2019 survey of community hospitals is shown below. Data from 159 community hospitals has been analysed to provide this data, and it is an invaluable tool to assess current practice and trends.



The CHA was pleased to have a stand at the event, and to have an opportunity to talk about the research study on the Value of Community Hospitals that was carried out by the University of Birmingham in partnership with the CHA. 







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NHS Benchmarking Network Community Hospitals Project 2019 



This year there is a benchmarking project specifically for community hospitals.  Do get involved in this valuable study, which gives unique data on community hospitals nationally. 


The project focusses on inpatient care for older people, as well as covering other inpatient wards and wider community hospital provision. Information is collected on access, activity, finance, workforce and quality.  The project also features a service user audit.  Outputs include a bespoke report for all participants, highlighting your organisation’s position against the national picture and access to an online benchmarking toolkit.


Timescales -

Data collection : 1st May – 12th July 2019

National conference :  November 2019

Reports issued : November 2019


For further information please go to  Events page of NHSBN here

To find out if your organisation is a member of the NHS Benchmarking Network, please contact josh.davies@nhs.net



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Results of National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC) 2018

- including Community Hospitals 



In 2018, data on community hospitals were collected as part of the National Audit of Intermediate Care.  Highlight results are shown below. 







The MOCHA Community Hospital Efficiency Score Toolkit is Now Available



MOCHA is the study to understand and optimise community hospital inpatient care. The research team has developed a toolkit for use by those concerned with community hospital using an econometrics analysis and informed by qualitative case studies. The toolkit provides a practical way for those concerned with community hospitals to assess their efficiency and test how this might be improved.   To read more and to see the Toolkit, please go to the NHS Benchmarking website here 





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 National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC) 2018 - including Community Hospitals 


Providers of Intermediate Care participated.  For more information, follow the link to NHSBN  





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 Report on the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC) 2017 - including Community Hospitals  


 National Audit of Intermediate Care 2017 


This report is now available, and it includes community hospitals as one of the "bed-based" service models for intermediate care. If your organisation is a member of NHS Benchmarking Network, and has contributed to this survey, you will be able to access the results.


Headlines relevant to community hospitals are: 


56% of bed-based intermediate care is in community hospitals

53% of bed based intermediate care has medical cover provided by GPs

72.8% of referrals to bed-based intermediate care is from acute hospitals

27.8% is the average length of stay (median)

90.8% is the average occupancy (median)





Community Hospitals Survey 2016


The NHS Benchmarking Network's Community Hospitals project had 179 community hospitals participating from 56 organisations in 2016.  Those participating are able to access the toolkit on the NHSBN website, and benchmark their performance (anonymously) against others on areas such as services, activity, workforce and finance.  Do register to be part of the audit this year, and help us to increase the numbers and scope and therefore the validity of the benchmarking daya, to help make it useful for all. 



NHS Benchmarking Network - Summary Findings 2016




NHS Benchmarking Network - Summary Findings 2015


The survey is designed and developed in discussion with a Community Hospital Forum and the Community Hospitals Association.

In 2014, the Network joined with the University of Leeds and won funding by the NHS Institute for Health Research to understand and optimise community hospital ward care in the NHS, with an emphasis on the care of older people. The Network facilitated data collection of community hospital data in 2014 and provided an anonymised data set for the research study. NHSBN continues to be a partner in the research study led by Professor John Young.  NHS Benchmarking Network continues to be a key partner in the community hospitals research study in the University of Leeds. 
Throughout the UK there were 179 participating hospitals from 46 organisations in 2016, 159 participating hospitals from 40 organisations in 2014, and 163 community hospitals from 41 organisations in 2015. Once completed, analysed and validated, participating organisations are able to access the toolkit and the report through the members area of the website, and thereby benchmark their performance 


Please send any questions to Jessica Grantham, jessica.grantham@nhs.net