NHS Benchmarking Network


"Raising standards through sharing excellence."

"The NHS Benchmarking Network (NHSBN) is the in-house benchmarking service of the NHS. The Network exists to identify and share good practice across the Health and Social Care sector.  NHSBN is a vibrant member community involving over 340 health and social care organisations throughout the UK.  The Network supports a wide range of benchmarking projects in the commissioning, acute, community and mental health sectors." 


Academy of NHS Fabstuff


"The NHS is so much stronger and so much better when it works together, walks in step and shares the best stuff.  The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff is an opportunity to turn dreams into action."  Roy Lilley

To submit something you want to share, write 500 words and send up to 3 pictures.   Community hospitals are featured. Please send examples of services and practice that you wish to share.  An article was written after an inspirational  visit to Scotter Ward, John Coupland Hospital by one of the NHS Fabstuff team.  Read more.


National Association of Primary Care


NAPC prides itself on representing the whole of primary care and its growing networks reflect this. We focus on connections, collaborations and providing an influencing voice with a results driven approach.   The NAPC has developed the"Primary Care Home" which is a form of multi-specialty community provider (MCP) model. Its key features are provision of care to a defined, registered population of between 30,000 and 50,000 local clinical and financial drivers and integrated workforce.   Community hospitals feature in test sites, including South Bristol Community Hospital.  A booklet on Primary Care Home is available here.





"We support people and organisations who are making their communities healthier and happier."

"We run a membership scheme for voluntary organisations across the UK that offers support such as insurance, legal advice, financial services and local and national networking. We offer training and undertake bespoke projects."


Patients Association


"Listening to patients, Speaking up for change."

"From the contacts we receive via our Helpline, we capture thousands of accounts each year from patients, carers, family members and friends about peoples experiences of the health and social care service. We use this knowledge to campaign for real improvements across the UK. In addition, our Helpline provides valuable signposting and information for patients and supports them as they navigate through the healthcare services.  We ensure that the opinions of patients are gathered on a wide variety of health and social care issues. This is achieved by carrying out surveys, focus groups, listening events and obtaining feedback from our Ambassador network. Concerns that we hear via these channels form the basis of our campaigns which are targeted at various stakeholders such as parliamentarians, the media, civil servants, other charities and professional bodies."



John’s Campaign: for the right to stay with people with dementia in hospital


"Behind its simple statement of purpose lies the belief that carers should not just be allowed but should be welcomed, and that a collaboration between the patients and all connected with them is crucial to their health and their well-being. John’s Campaign applies to all hospital settings: acute, community, mental health and its principles could extend to all other caring institutions where people are living away from those closest to them."  Organisations are being encouraged to make a pledge to support John's campaign. 


National Institute for Health Research


"Improving the health and wealth of the nation through research."

"The NIHR supports research from bench to bedside for the benefit of patients and the economy. It works with patients and the public to shape the research agenda, finding new ways of preventing, identifying and treating ill health, evaluating the effectiveness and impact of new healthcare treatments, and ensures that the best possible evidence is available to inform decisions about health and social care."


Gold Standards Framework for End of Life Care


GSF is a systematic, evidence based approach to optimising care for all patients approaching the end of life, delivered by generalist frontline care providers. Training programmes are offered and a recognised accreditation process.  Accredited community hospitals and services are listed on the site. Those recently accredited include Falmouth Community Hospital,  Liskeard Community Hospital, Redruth Community Hospital and Blandford Community Hospital.


Community Therapists Network 


The Community Therapists Network is a national organisation providing information, training and education to therapists who care for and support people living with long-term conditions in the community.  It is a membership organisation, offering resources, conferences and workshops.  


International Federation of Community Health Centres


The International Federation of Community Health Centres (IFCHC) is a global partnership of Community Health Centre (CHC) associations and their members. This includes facilities such as community hubs.  The core goals of the IFCHC are to foster global collaboration in community-oriented primary health care and to expand access to Community Health Centres as the optimal way to achieve the World Health Organization’s vision for equitable access to primary health care for all. 


Institute of Healthcare Management


The Institute of Healthcare Management is the leading independent membership organisation for health and social care managers, supporting personal development and driving change to improve health and well-being for all through quality management.

"Our aim is to create a supportive professional body that is compelling to join, relevant in its activities and contemporary in its approach."