University of Birmingham

Summary of Research Study

This research aims to further our understanding of the nature and scope of services provided by community hospitals in the England, and, by drawing on experiences in other countries, to inform the further development of community hospital models for the health and social care system.

The aims of the study are to understand:
  • the nature and scope of service provision models that can be considered under the umbrella term community hospital in the UK and other high income countries
  • the evidence of effectiveness and efficiency of community hospitals and comparable service models in the UK and other high income countries
  • the wider role and impact of community engagement in community hospital service development and provision
  • how models that are comparable to community hospitals in England operate and their role within the wider system of service provision in other countries
  • the potential for such models to perform an integrative role on the delivery of health and social care in other countries.

The research team, from RAND Europe and the University of Bournemouth, have an extensive track record in health services research and particular expertise in research into service configuration, integrated care, and international healthcare and health systems comparisons.

Key Steps

  • Literature Review
  • Develop Typology
  • Appraise international CHs
  • 4 Case Studies of international CHs