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CHA Study on the Role of Community Hospitals during Covid-19 - details here  


"We are delighted with our successful Q Exchange bid, and excited to progress this work as it will allow us to showcase the important and unique contribution of Community Hospitals during Covid-19"   Evelyn Prodger, lead for the study  


The CHA has been impressed with the flexibility and resilience shown by community hospitals during this global pandemic to date. 

We are keen to share the experience and the learning on this, and also enable and support those involved to have a time to reflect.

We also want to identify the quality improvement, and enable this learning to reach a wide audience throughout the whole health and care system.  



This project is funded through Q Exchange by the Health Foundation and NHS England and NHS Improvement.


How to Participate in Our Study 

Would you like to share what you have been doing during Covid-19?  We would love to hear from you. 

We would be delighted to talk to you and your organisation about this, and learn about how your initiatives have helped patients and communities.

Read more about what is involved in our Participation Information Sheet here

Do feel free to email us here.   


Read all about the CHA in our slidepack presentation here 



Our Project Team

David Seamark      Evelyn Prodger      Evelyn Prodger  Helen Tucker                         

Dr David Seamark Trish Jay Evelyn Prodger Dr Helen Tucker Dr Emma Gibbard


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