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CHA Newsletter #17  Download here
Our latest newsletter gives an update on our study on the role of community hospitals during Covid-19.  Please contact us if you would like your hospital and your organisation included in this study. we would love to hear from you.  Do join our Special Interest Group in the Q community - we have interesting discussions coming up that you may well want to join in.  We are learning a lot about the work of staff at this time and the benefit to patients.  This months newsletter provides news on community hospitals around the country.   We have taken great pleasure in giving awards to staff as part of our innovations and Best Practice programme. It has been wonderful to visit hospitals and meet staff in person at long last, and to celebrate the excellent service being offered.   

CHA Newsletter #16 download here

Our March 2021 newsletter gives details of our success with receiving a grant from the Health Foundation Q Exchange to Study community hospitals and their contribution during Covid-19. We invite those involved in community hospitals to contact us with their stories and experiences. Please contact us!
The newsletter also gives details of a major study on admissions to community hospitals carried out Catherine Evans, Kings College and we at the CHA are pleased to sit on the project board for this important study.  We also discuss our working group looking at policy changes across the UK and the potential impact on community hospitals.   
The CHA has put together a list of Wellbeing resources for all those concerned with community hospitals and services, and recognise the support that staff need at this time.  Evelyn Prodger, our QI lead, has written a blog on her reflections on the past year. We provide news stories as well. 
Please download the newsletter and share widely.  We also welcome contributions.

CHA Newsletter #15 download here

*Summary of our activity in 2020

*Information on Innovation and Best Practice Award Winners

*NHS Benchmarking Network Webinars for 2021

CHA Newsletter #14 download here
*50 Years celebrations and resources
*CHA Members Forum
*and much more...

CHA Newsletter #13 download here

The newsletter includes:
*Details of Members Forum on Frailty
*Details of Webinars on Community Hospitals
*Celebrating 50 Years of the CHA throughout October
*CHA Q Community Application for a study
*News on community hospitals and much more

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