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Innovative Practice and Community Hospitals 

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NHS Fabstuff and the CHA


The CHA is pleased to be working closely with the Academy of NHS Fabstuff which is led by Roy Lilley who is also Patron of CHA.   

We share good practice in health and social care services, and celebrate the excellent work by staff, volunteers and all concerned within our NHS. 


"Community Hospitals Are Fab!"

Do look at our CHA Page on NHSFabstuff website  -  link here

You will find a video by our Patron, Roy Lilley and many of examples of fabulous staff and services in community hospitals. 



Good practice in Community Hospitals on the Academy of Fabulous Stuff website


Discharge Bundle
Community Hospitals, Sussex

Improvements have been made in the utilisation of the 350 community beds in Sussex. There is now a bed management system in real time, a discharge bundle with 13 standards, and a live feed of bed availability using the SHREWD portal.


Yoga Course for Patients with Breast Cancer
Grantham Hospital, Lincolnshire

The community hospital supported the creation of a course that would be taught by a breast cancer patient, to other breast cancer patients. Started in September 2017.  Positive feedback from participants, and now a waiting list.  Other hospitals also interested in starting a similar course.


Implementing Safer Patient Flow
Community Hospitals, Northamptonshire

The SAFER patient flow bundle was introduced in three community hospital wards. The process blends together five elements of best practice and when used in conjunction with the 'Red and Green Days' approach is designed to reduce length of stay and improve patient flow and safety.  When piloting the approach in community hospital wards, it was decided to add an "amber" day, which was when a patient is fit to leave and continue their rehabilitation elsewhere but their discharge is delayed so their therapy input has to be continued on the ward. This is now being rolled out to other community hospital wards in Northamptonshire.

End PJ Paralysis
Community Hospitals, Cumbria

NHS Trusts in Cumbria have joined forces to raise awareness and help patients across acute and community hospitals to get up, get dressed and get moving.  The campaign is not a target-driven project but is focused on providing high quality patient care and empowering patients. It is designed to avoid the potential negative impact of being bed-bound while in hospital and help regain and retain confidence and independence. 


Innovation in Health Promotion
Scotter Ward, John Coupland Community Hospital Lincolnshire

Staff on Scotter ward use placemats to communicate messages to patients on health and wellbeing.  Placemats are designed with messages such as falls awareness and healthy eating. The young carers group have been encouraged to colour in a 'healthy eating plate' and the placemats are also used for festive or personal messages.   Scotter ward has 5 food Champions Eleanor, Mel, Caroline, Jenny and Dan all of whom are trained to Level in Food Safety. Nutrition is viewed as an essential part of the rehabilitation.  The ward has protected mealtimes and all patients on Scotter Ward are actively encouraged as part of their rehabilitation to have mealtimes together in the ward dining area. This encourages empowers social interaction and independence.  The feedback from the patients is positive and the placemats are very often a source of conversation between them. It is a very simple inexpensive idea and any theme or picture can be used. The ward has shared this in their inpatient governance group and it has been adopted in the other community hospitals within Lincolnshire Community Health Service.


Bereavement Pack
Scotter Ward, John Coupland Community Hospital Lincolnshire

The staff on Scotter ward provide a bereavement pack, which is a handmade folder for the papers for relatives. The ward also provides an envelope in the style of the folder, which contains seeds for forget-me-nots.  The folders are designed with applique, and a poem.
The ward has won a nmatinal NHS Fabstuff award for their range of innovations, including their sleep packs to help patients have a good nights sleep, and their noise reduction initiatives including slow closing bins.


Improving Sepsis Management
Community Hospitals, Sussex

In Sussex there are 4 community hospital wards with 90 beds.  With a designated Advanced Nurse Practitioner, teaching sessions covered identification of Sepsis including National Early Warning Score (NEWS), Sepsis Pathway implementation, and SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Response). A three monthly review of patients showed that there had been early identification and correct management of sepsis.  Staff feedback as been positive, with regard to being more empowered in clinical decision-making.