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Chair of League of Friends                                Chair of the Health Select Committee                                                          CEO of NHS                                                             Committee, CHA

Honiton Hospital

Joining the CHA

The CHA is the national voice of Community Hospitals and membership is open to all the following:

  • Community hospitals
  • Individual clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Organisations that provide or commission community hospital services
  • Supporting organisations such as Leagues of Friends and the voluntary sector
  • Companies such as medical equipment and pharmaceuticals suppliers
  • Community hospital researchers
  • Other individuals with an interest in community hospitals


Annual Membership fees:

Hospitals and organisation £100
Individuals £25


Membership enables access to advice and support from the most appropriate one of the   three of the distinct functions of the organisation and the benefits of membership are:




Clinical networking

Evidence base about community hospitals

Support and advice to community hospitals undergoing a period of change

Training and development opportunities

Up to date references - papers and publications

Networking for Leagues of Friends and the voluntary sector

Sharing good practice through the annual Innovations and Best Practice Awards programme

Knowledge about community hospitals in the UK and internationally

Support for local communities through 'Community Voices'

Links to other national and international community hospitals

Opportunity to discuss policy and practice with academics and policy makers

Opportunity for training and development

Assistance in enhancing and maintaining standards of care

Opportunity to influence which aspects of of community hospital services to research

Opportunity for national recognition and sharing of innovation and best practice through our annual awards

Opportunity to access and benefit from the up to date research from CHARM

Support for evaluation, encouraging dissemination and adoption in practice

Opportunity to access and benefit from up to date research