How to Get Involved with the CHA

The National Voice for Community Hospitals


There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the CHA.



You can do this as an individual, and support the work of the CHA in this way. You can also encourage your organisation to join.  We are able to flourish by having a strong membership. Joining the CHA ยป



You might want to consider contributing your experiences, issues, challenges, opportunities and ideas through contacting the CHA. This may then be shared with others through our website.



You would be very welcome to put yourself forward to help with the work of the committee. This may be to stand as a committee member or be an associated committee member. You may want to host a local or regional event.


Share Information and Resources

You are very welcome to send material to the CHA, which would then be promoted and made accessible to others involved in community hospitals.  Material sent to us so far includes videos, social media sites, articles, reports and photos.


Attend Events

You would be very welcome to attend events such as conferences, workshops and webinars. The CHA has held regular events which have been well supported, and want to continue with this valuable networking.


Respond to Requests

You may be approached by the CHA with a request for information, such as for research studies, surveys and reports such as for Parliamentary briefing papers.  Members are typically very helpful with these requests and respond to our approaches.


Support a Special Interest Group

You would be welcome to suggest a special interest group for the CHA, and become involved in networking with like-minded people on the topic or theme you have identified.  This would have the support of a designated committee member.


Suggest a Community Hospital to Feature

You can put forward your community hospital or community hub to be featured on the website.  A committee member would visit, and a summary of your services and special features would be put on the website for all to see. Also photos to illustrate your hospital.


Contribute to Education and Training

You may have a particular expertise in a topic relevant to community hospitals, and are prepared to lead a training session. This may be at a conference, workshop, local event or webinar.  Your contribution to sharing the learning around community hospitals would be valued.



You may wish to make a financial contribution to the CHA by way of sponsorship. This may be to support the work of the CHA as a social movement in general terms, or for a specific initiative.  The CHA has benefited from sponsorship from Leagues of Friends and from companies who provide services and facilities to community hospitals.



Your contributions to supporting community hospitals and community hubs, and the overall work of the Community Hospitals Association, would be much appreciated.