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David Seamark

David Seamark


I am the Vice President and a Director of the Community Hospitals Association (CHA) and have been involved with the CHA since starting my general practice career in Honiton, Devon in 1990. I have worked in community hospitals for many years and visited many hospitals throughout the UK. I have had a parallel research career and a major area of interest for me has been end of life care in the community and, in particular, the role of community hospitals in end of life and palliative care. I have worked with Birmingham University on a study looking the role and community importance of community hospitals. I have retired as a GP partner but still work as a locum and pursue my research interests .

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Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones


I am a Director and the Chief Executive Officer of the CHA. I previously held the position of Treasurer. I chair the CHA Research Group. I also represent the CHA with the Gold Standards Framework, and have presented awards to qualifying community hospitals.  I have also managed the CHA Innovations and Best Practice Awards Programme, which has involved evaluating applications, and visiting community hospitals throughout the UK.   I am a registered nurse, and until recently practiced in primary care. I have managed community hospitals across Suffolk. I have also managed healthcare in prisons, as part of a community trust contract.    Contact Suzanne at


Richard Hallett MBE

Richard Hallett MBE


I am a Director and Treasurer of the CHA.  I am currently Vice-President of the Friends of Crowborough Hospital, in East Sussex and we were delighted to win a national award from the CHA in recognition of our support for the hospital and staff, and for our funding and management of the Social Day Service.  In 2000 the Friends of Crowborough Hospital contributed matched funding of £1.5 Million to ensure the refurbishment of Crowborough Hospital as a modern 21st Century Community Hospital.   


In the 1990s I led the campaign to create the Crowborough Birth Centre (MLU) which became a successful flagship unit.   I have been proactive in supporting maternity services and birthing units, and as a co-founder of the Birth Centre Network UK, was an early advocate nationally for Midwife-led Care as a mainstream choice for women. In 2013 I was appointed MBE for services to midwifery and parents.  With a BSc in Earth Sciences and a Post-graduate Masters degree in Economics, my career developed in the Food Industry in operational roles, in due course as Managing Director of some sizeable business supplying the major UK retailers.  I am a member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. I now divide my time between paid Food Industry Consultancy work and voluntary roles working with Social Enterprises and Charities focused on health services. 




Helen Tucker

Helen Tucker


I am President of the Community Hospitals Association and have held positions on the CHA such as committee member and Chair over the past 30 years. I have been the spokesperson for the CHA in the media to date, and am committed to raising the profile of community hospitals, and an appreciation of their contribution to community health and wellbeing.  I am on the CHA Research Group.  I am a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Winchester.


I have been involved in community hospitals in a number of roles including management, consultancy, development and research. In these various roles, I have visited over half of all community hospitals in the UK.  I researched integrated care in community hospitals for my PhD at the University of Warwick. I have worked with the Universities of Birmingham and Leeds on studies on community hospitals.  I work regularly with NHS organisations, Leagues of Friends and community groups and in particular supporting innovations and developments.  I also advise communities on consultations, proposals for change and new models of care. I am a reviewer for the National Institute for Health Research, and on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Journal of Integrated Care. I support the CHA website as a resource for those concerned with the role, function and potential of community hospitals.  

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Evelyn Prodger

Trish Jay


I am a co-opted committee member having been previously a Committee Member of the CHA for 7 years. I am delighted to be involved again.   I am a registered nurse who worked in a community hospital shortly after qualifying and since have been committed to demonstrating and advocating their valuable contribution to the healthcare provision in local communities. I have held a number of director posts in the NHS (community, specialist, mental health and learning disability services) and worked nationally as with a housing and care charity.  I am currently supporting various NHS organisations with specific project development work and am a Governor and volunteer for a local charity who support people with disabilities through grants and building community connections.
















Evelyn Prodger

 Helen Rowe 


I am a Senior Ward Sister working in a South Somerset Community Hospital specialising in stroke rehabilitation. I am passionate about community hospitals and the values that the CHA works within and towards, particularly in sharing the role, function and potential of community hospitals with all.  I have been privileged to have attended previous innovation and best practice conference as well as having been awarded an innovation and best practice award in both 2015 and 2019.   I am studying for a diploma in operational and departmental management. I really feel that there is no better place to work than in a community hospital and I could not be more proud of my team, or enjoy my role more than I do!




  Kirsty Protherough

I have worked for the past four years working at Evesham Community Hospital as the Doctor covering Stroke, Palliative Care and Elderly care patients. During this time I have taken my Diploma in geriatric medicine. I have also continued to locum Out of Hours in Hereford and for GP Practices. I have implemented a educational programme for GP trainees in palliative care, geriatrics and stroke rehabilitation. I believe that being part of the CHA will really help me as a GP have a wider perspective and a sounding board regarding issues that I encounter as a Clinical Director, particularly giving informed opinions/advice of strategy. There is a risk that being a GP in a community hospital it can be quite isolating unless you form networks and teams. I am pleased to be part of the CHA and its networks.



Evelyn Prodger

Evelyn Prodger


I am a member of the Community Hospitals Association (CHA) Committee with a focus on Innovation and Best Practice. Community Hospitals fulfil a vital role within the NHS but are often not represented in mainstream work. I am passionate about the added value Community Hospitals and staff working in them bring to local populations.


I qualified as a nurse in 1991 and went on to complete a BSc (Hons) Professional Practice and a MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner. My clinical background began in medicine, specifically elderly medicine, dermatology and haematology. As a senior nurse I have worked in elderly medicine, Community Hospitals, Responsive Services and as a Nurse Specialist for Older People supporting Care Homes. I was a General Manager in the NHS managing Community Hospitals and Urgent Care. I am currently the Head of Community Service at Martlets Hospice.  In 2017 I was awarded my Queens Nurse Award. I am a member of Q and have a keen interest in quality improvement and people and practice development.

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Jan Marriott


I have been involved with the CHA for many years, holding positions such as a Director, Chair and Vice-Chair and committee member.


I am a registered nurse who is passionate about community hospitals. I was Matron for Evesham hospital, and responsible for the development for many innovative services there. I have also managed a number of community hospitals. I have held a variety of director posts in the NHS, voluntary and private sector. Following my retirement from the NHS seven years ago I continue to work harder than ever.  I am currently Independent Co-Chair of the Gloucestershire Learning Disability and Physical Disability/Sensory Impairment Partnership Boards and Independent Chair of the Gloucestershire Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board. I am a Non-Executive Director with Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust, which has seven community hospitals.


Liz Fenton

Liz Fenton


I am a Registered Nurse and member of the CHA management board and Research Group and have been involved with the CHA for 14 years.


I am the Deputy Chief Nurse for Health Education England and have held a number of clinical and leadership roles including at board level.  I am also a specialist advisor with the care quality commission and an accreditation surveyor for CHKS. I have a masters degree in advancing healthcare practice. In 2017 I was awarded the title Queens Nurse. 


Chris Humphris


I am the Chair of the CHA. I have experience across a wide range of NHS, Social Care, and other services both as a provider and as a commissioner.  I have managed community hospitals and community services across the England including Northumberland, Cambridge, Norfolk and Warwickshire.  I have also worked in the private sector managing an organisation providing care homes. In the past I held the position of CEO of a PCT, and also held the position of Associate Director of Adult Social Care.  I have experience of strategic planning for community hospitals, and working with a wide range of stakeholders. 

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Roy Sharma


I am a committee member of the CHA, and the official photographer for CHA events.


I was a GP in practice for 33 years in Gloucestershire, during which I worked at Lydney & District Hospital and I am now a sessional GP working in general practice and in acute units as a GPwSI.   I was a team member of a group tasked to reduce paperwork in NHS General Practice. Patients not Paper – an efficiency scrutiny for the cabinet office. My first degree was the University of Cambridge, and I attained my medical degree at the Welsh National School of Medicine.






Roy Lilley 


Roy Lilley is a health policy analyst, writer, broadcaster and commentator on the NHS and social issues. Roy was formally Chair of an NHS Trust, and continues to be a commentator, with the publication of a regular e-newsletter for NHS managers.

Roy has been voted the top UK speaker on NHS topics twice and is listed in the Debretts most influential people in healthcare.  Roy built up his first enterprise from scratch, turning it into a multi-million pound turnover business.   Roy is the Founder of the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff which has become a social movement and is seen as the change platform for the NHS and Social Care.  Roy speaks regularly at CHA conferences, and continues to advise the Management Board.






National Leads 

Dr Alastair Noble


I am the CHA National Lead for Scotland, and an Associate committee member of the CHA.


I have had an extensive career combining my clinical work as a GP working in a community hospital with local health initiatives and with strategic work at a national level.   I have been involved with community hospitals in Scotland for over 40 years, and was Chair and Committee member of Scottish Association of Community Hospitals (SACH). I am now Chair of SACH Alumni, and continue to support and promote community hospital services.  I am an independent advisor to Health Boards in Scotland. I have received an

MBE for my work on the integration of Health and Social Care in Nairnshire and also for conservation work in Nairnshire.   I have been a Community Councillor in Nairnshire for 12 years with a special interest in community empowerment and locality planning/capacity.






Tom Brooks


I am the CHA National Lead for Wales, and an Associate committee member of the CHA.National Lead for Wales.


I am a retired management consultant who worked in the NHS across the UK as well as internationally in places such as Norway and Hong Kong.   As an advocate for improving healthcare particularly in rural areas, I have served 6 years on a Community Health Council and 18 months as a Committee advisor to a Health Board in Wales. I have given evidence to several Parliamentary Select Committees.  I am a committee member of the North Wales Healthcare Alliance, a consortium of community healthcare campaigning organisations in North Wales. I am a patient representative on the “NHS Rural Health & Care Wales steering committee”, which commissions activities to improve patient healthcare outcomes in rural areas of Mid & West Wales.

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Dr Shauna Fannin


I am the CHA National Lead for Northern Ireland and am Associate committee member of the CHA.


I am a senior GP partner working in Ballymoney Co. Antrim. Since I became a GP in 1989 I have worked in our local Community Hospital, the Robinson Memorial Hospital, and I have been Clinical Lead in the Hospital for over 10 years.  I am also a Macmillan GP Facilitator in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.  I am passionate about the value of Community Hospitals to local communities and to our entire system of health care. I am a member of our hospital’s charitable trust board who continue to invest heavily in the hospital and who harness the wholehearted engagement of the local community.











Katie Scott


I am the CHA Lead for the "Community Voice" and an Associate committee member of the CHA.


My background is in education having been a Head of English and an Education Consultant supporting schools.  I am part of a community action group, making the case for the re-instatement of our beds in our community hospital. I play a lead role in the group, and provided evidence to the County Council Scrutiny Committee which resulted in a referral to the Secretary of State. The response from the Independent Reconfiguration Panel to the Secretary of State was to instruct the local NHS to undertake a review, which was required to include the retention of the community beds as an option.  Throughout our campaign for our local health services I have learnt a lot about the role of community hospitals, and the need for local hospitals especially in rural communities.  I hope I can be of help to other communities who find themselves in similar positions and need assistance to voice their views with regard to their local health and social care services. 
























Thanks to Past Officers


The CHA wants to record grateful thanks to those stepping down from the CHA in 2017.


Dr Andrew Crowther was our President, and we have benefited from his extensive knowledge and experience of community hospitals, through his work as a GP in Tewkesbury Hospital, his role in theatres, and his contribution to accrediting community hospitals. He is taking a well-earned retirement. We thank both Andrew and his wife Jane for devoting so much time to the work of the CHA, and for their generous hosting of our meetings.


Dr Phil Moore was the Chair of the Association for many years, and we are grateful to him for leading the Association and the conference so successfully. We know that Phil's time is very much in demand with his various commitments to commissioning and mental health on a national basis, and we wish him well with his future work.


Barbara Moore worked for the CHA for many years, as the Chief Executive Officer. She has managed the membership, arranged for the publication of our CHA newsletter, supported the committee, and organised our highly successful national conferences. We are grateful to Barbara, who has committed so much time and energy to the CHA. We wish her well in the future.


Dr Andrew Crowther & Barbara Moore

Dr Andrew Crowther & Barbara Moore

Dr Phil Moore
Dr Phil Moore