Defining Community Hospitals
Defining Community Hospitals
Defining Community Hospitals

Community Hospital Programme NIHR

The CHA is delighted to be involved in this research programme where all three studies are working collaboratively.  The CHA is involved in each of the project boards and in the cross-study steering group which covers the programme as a whole.  Members of these teams report on progress at the annual CHA conference.


At Birmingham University the team led by Professor Jon Glasby is looking at"community value" to help understand more about community support and patient experience. This arguably has been a feature over their history of 150 years.  The team will study 9 community hospitals in depth, as well as mapping all those throughout the UK.


At Leeds University, the team led by Professor John Young is looking primarily at inpatient rehabilitation and end of life care and hoping to define what does"best" look like so we can understand and optimise community ward care.  Survey data has been collected by NHS Benchmarking to help inform this study.


At Bournemouth University with RandEurope, Ellen Nolte is leading a team to identify comparable services in other countries and to see what we can learn from international experience through the literature and visiting community hospitals in other countries.


The teams share their learning about community hospitals with CHA members, CHA research network members and also delegates to the annual conference. The team regularly seeks views, experiences, and tests ideas.


The three research teams meet regularly in a cross-study steering group, which is chaired by Professor Sir Lewis Ritchie.  The research is funded by NHS National Institute for Health Research, and reports are scheduled to be available in early 2018.

Funding Acknowledgement:

These projects are funded by the National Institute for Health Research HS&DR (12/177/04; 12/177/14; 12/177/13)


Department of Health Disclaimer:

The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the HS&DR, NIHR, NHS or the Department of Health.


University of Leeds Study

1. A study to understand and optimise community hospital ward care in the NHS

What does"good" look like? If all community hospitals operated at high performance, what would be the impact on the use of secondary care?

Professor John Young   University of Leeds


University of Birmingham Study
2. Profiling and comparing the characteristics, patient experience and community value of the classic community hospital

Where are they, what do they do, what do patients think of them and how are communities involved?


Professor Jon Glasby University of Birmingham
Rand Europe Study

3. Advancing community hospitals and services in the NHS: learning from national and international experiences

What does the literature say about CHs, and what is the function, quality and cost of community hospitals internationally?


Dr Ellen Nolte RANDEurope